We are involved and proud: here is our text, written by all the 150 participants at the Youth Conference on Climate Change, in early December in Madrid, and presented at the COP 25!

December 11, 12 and 13: in 3 days youth of the GYCP has advanced a lot, welcomed in the Lycée Français de Madrid, despite the rapid change of location from Chile to Spain. In the morning, were organized conversations between GYCP and celebrities (Marina Silva, former minister of the environment of Brazil, Hervé Le Treut, climatologist etc.). The themes were intergenerational dialogue, and concrete solutions to the climate crisis, standing in the great theater in front of 600 students. Youth also communicated with young ecologists from Amazonia and participated to a big crowdsourcing online. In the afternoons, they divided into small groups of 20 and altogether wrote recommendations on 6 themes:


- Education for Sustainability;

- More Forests, Less Carbon Footprint;

- Biodiversity, Resources, Water and Soil;

- Sustainable Agriculture;

- Ocean Protection;

- Nature in the City, an example in Madrid.


The last day, a little group went at the COP25 place and, after a long time of wait, presented their text to Mr Landerretche, presidency coordinator of the COP25. Congratulations everyone! This text will be the GYCP guide for the next years.


Discover it here, in english, spanish and french, in high (printable) and low resolutions : https://bit.ly/36ywsAL